What are linerless labels?  

Linerless labels don’t have any liner or backing paper which provides a whole host of benefits. This includes eliminating the need to dispose of the non-recyclable backing paper and reducing the potential slip hazard from waste liner paper left on the floor. Additionally, since the thickness of the labels is effectively halved without the backing paper, you can print 40-50% more labels per roll, save storage and transport space, and require less frequent replacement rolls.  

This format of labels is growing more popular as it becomes more cost-efficient and offers businesses a more sustainable way to manage their Auto-ID systems. 

Versatile desktop printers for professional linerless label printing 

Brother has expanded the range of 4-inch direct thermal label printers by introducing two new models with linerless capability.  

The TD-4420DNFC and TD-4550DNWBFC allow the printing of linerless labels up to 4 inches in width, using direct thermal print technology. They fit the requirements of a large range of market applications including shipping labels, price markdown labels and food ingredient labels.  

Designed for continuous linerless label media, you can print the exact label sizes you need, and the fast print speeds and high-volume output make them ideal for even the busiest of workplaces.    

toolkit preview

Discover the TD-4 mobile printer launch toolkit   

Our launch toolkit contains everything you need to set up the two new TD-4 Linerless devices and start selling to your customers today. Alongside an updated brochure, datasheets and product images, you will find an end user launch email and web banners to help support your marketing campaigns.